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Discussed ‘round the office today:

Not only did Jesus fart, but Our Lord and Savior invented The Cheek Lift Maneuver. This is why he has that slight lean in that bit of journalistic documentary, The Last Supper.

"Blame it on Judas. Everybody does."

Now we know what REALLY caused Judas to betray Jesus: the Son of Man blamed his flatulence on Judas just one too many times.

I have a long night of requirementing ahead of me.  I bet this gets much funnier after midnight.

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We can only spread the Gospel of Christ as it has transformed us. If the self-giving of Christ’s cross for my redemption is what has moved me (most recently, let us say) then that is where my voice should come from and direct others to. If the gentle touch of Christ to the outcast is what moves me, there will move my voice and my hands. IF something of Christ has changed me, it will pique the interest of someone and then a conversation can happen. The greatest apologetic for the Gospel is a changed “me.” Then we have an opportunity to “Give a reason for the hope that is within.” By our lives, we might make the horses thirsty.

- Brother Guy Mackey, of the Anglican Order of Preachers

I don’t always agree with my beloved Brother, but he really nails this one.  The world wants our stories.  Who will you tell your story to today?

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God created human beings with the capacity for relationship with himself.
Spirituality is a disposition and a potentiality for that relationship.
It is not a part of piece of humanity;
it is a character that cuts through to the totality of the human, involving all of the individual;
but it points to a particular posture of the person, which is distinguishable from emotional well-being, physical health, or intellectual activity.
The key to spirituality is the awareness of a transcendent gift of knowledge.

— the Rev. Dr. Urban T. Holmes, III, in “The Spiritual Person,” in Spirituality for Ministry

It will take me some time to digest this very excellent essay.

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Preachers are not to worry about their inadequacies, about which, as about all things, God is doubtless better informed than they are.

the Rev. Dr. Christopher Bryan, And God Spoke

He continues: They are to do what they are appointed to do as faithfully as they can.

This is quite the challenge to me, the member of the Anglican Order of Preachers, who has yet to preach in worship. Some day.  And as I said yesterday, someday I will be a deacon and chant the Exsultet.

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A big shout out to

St. Matthew’s and St. John’s, the Episcopal Church in Garrett County Maryland, who post each day an audio recording of the office of Morning Prayer on their web site. 

Each morning I download the file to my phone and pray in the car while I drive to work.  (Alas, the Store for Windows Phone gives an error on the podcast, or it would be on my phone for me automagically every day.)  The recording is beautifully produced, and it affects the shape of my entire day.

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